Expertise in plastics

 On 15 modern plastic injection molding machines, we automatically process technical thermoplastics in small, medium and large series up to 400g part weight. Whether insert, prototype, sample, first series or visible parts: We make them all!

Of course, in-house assembly of series parts according to customer requirements is also no problem for us.

Thanks to close links with our in-house toolmaking department, we can carry out coordination work, repairs and modifications at short notice at any time. This helps us every day with optimized order planning and quality management.

We use a 3D printer to support the development of prototypes.

State-of-the-art testing and measuring equipment

Due to the increasing demands of the industry, compression and tensile tests and the use of state-of-the-art measuring equipment have become indispensable. We are constantly investing here, not least in a 3D full measurement system. Our customers also place their trust in our measurement-fixtures, which we can produce in our in-house tool shop.

We are certified and audited in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.



Intelligent automation

As a two-shift system is not always sufficient, almost all of our injection molding machines are equipped with handling systems. This makes unmanned production easy for us.

This also enables the automatic insertion of parts to be overmolded.

3D-Printing Our 3D printer is constantly in use for our handling fixtures.

Our contribution to climate protection

In recent years, we have already gained some experience with the use of plastics made from renewable raw materials. Some of these plastics are even biodegradable.

We are constantly working to reduce our CO2 footprint. 

An excerpt from our machine park

Thanks to our wide range of machinery, we can meet any requirement. On our machines, we can realize part weights from 0.1 g to 400 g with a clamping force of 220 kN to 2500 kN. The tool weights can be up to 1,500 kg.

Arburg 630 S

Arburg 630 S

Clamping force max. 2500 kN

Opening force | -distance max. 725 kN | max. 600 mm

Tool mounting height 300 - 700 mm

Tool Clamping plates max. 900 x 900 mm

Ejector force | -distance max. 90 kN | max. 225 mm

Boy 125 E

Boy 125 E

Clamping force max. 1250 kN

Opening force | -distance max. 48.5 kN | max. 525 mm

Tool mounting height min. 300 mm

Tool Clamping plates

Ejector force | -distance max. 20.4 kN | max. 150 mm

Boy 90 E

Boy 90 E

Clamping force max. 900 kN

Opening force | -distance max. 57.8 kN | max. 475 mm

Tool mounting height min. 250 mm

Tool Clamping plates

Ejector force | -distance max. 20.4 kN | max. 130 mm

Boy 35 A

Boy 35 A

Clamping force max. 350 kN

Opening force | -distance max. 29.5 kN | max. 300 mm

Tool mounting height min. 200 mm

Tool Clamping plates max. 400 x 425 mm

Ejector force | -distance max. 24 kN | max. 80 mm

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